Climate change


Climate change. Everything is said. Everyone knows all important facts. Everything else is just repression mechanisms.


Meanwhile, we are aware of a great abnegation: Never was there so much knowledge and so much action against better knowledge. From now on we have a time slot of about 5 years, which will be decisive for the next 10,000 years.


Now, only the feelings talk. Everybody has an inner child who feels things directly and unadulterated, who creates art. Only then we can feel what was and is and what can be.


What can we do now?


Thus, identify your current feelings. Which needs arise in you? When you become aware of your needs, it is much easier to find out what is important to do now. Therefore, it is very important to know that now. And then you get power. The power you need, that the world needs now, and from which you can regain your strength.


Which actions are necessary? What are you ready for? With which organizations can you achieve greatness? Which petitions help? What can you achieve in your everyday life? How can you balance yourself?


Let me give you some power for the next steps:


May the stars just stand badly.
When inspiration and love are there, it can never be wrong.
The music of the stars is the power of the universe. And if we believe in this and make this music sound, then they give us strength. That’s the whole secret of giving love and receiving love.
We owe it, not only to the stars – but also to our Mother Earth, the animals and plants that have always been there for us, haven given us so much and are still giving.